1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – Into Unity … The FeMale Divine


Do you have the feeling to miss something in your life? Do you want to re-discover or enhance your wo/manhood? Do you want to find more unity as a couple – on all levels? Do you feel you need development as a team/group of people? Do you have the desire to have a light on your true talents, possibilities and tasks – and to integrate it in your relationship, team, in your life?


We benefited from the wonderful, creative energies of the Dragonisland Corfu, our actual Homebase (our origin and second homebase is Ottensheim in Upper Austria), and developed a new concept for group-meditations, seminars and retreats.

The 5-Elements-Partner Meditation … 1,2,3,4,5 … Into Unity
The FeMale Divine, the Conscious Coupling of FeMale Energy


“Partner” in this context stands for the both sides to be coupled, Yin/Yang, Sun/Moon, Marie Magdalene/Jesus, Shakti/Shiva, Isis/Osiris … there are so many names for it through all the cultures and philosophies.

The FeMale Divine

In the course of the meditation/seminar/retreat we can individually and collectively sense the elements Earth, Fire, Air and Water … starting with MotherFather Earth … and balance them for our own purposes and needs … each on for itself and no one without the other …

… and it is possible that you find new names for the elements by yourself.

We connect us with the elements with the support of Tantra Meditations, Sahaj Yoga, Vipassana, Guided/Active/Passive Meditations and other tools.

You can discover the Fe/Male Energies in yourself and also the each other side … individually and as a unit … together … on your way to more joy in life … the lust for life … the true being, the true meaning of life!

If we sense the necessity during a retreat, we can also split the group in two smaller units to bring the different levels of the FeMale energies in tune and bring the groups together again in a caring way.

During seminars and retreats there is also enough space for one-on-one conversations. The group meditations will have a sharing in the end to exchange our experiences in a kind of Satsang.

We will also chant together the beautiful mantra „OM SHIVA SHAKTI NAMAHA“the fifth, the connecting element, the unity … directly from and into our hearts.


It is a beautiful experience, als an individual, pair, team and as a group … and it makes a lot of fun … to meditate, to dance, to be in silence together.


We address this offer to women and men, individuals, partners, pairs, groups, teams, companies, retreat- and seminar centres. From 90 minutes of group meditation to 5 days of retreat/seminar (each day one element), the possibilities to support you are limitless. Our offer is international, it crosses borders and is not bound to one single religion or philosophy. Languages are Englisch and German, simultaneous translation is possible.

The offer can be adjusted to your individual needs (special topics, common themes, …).

We are looking forward to your questions, bookings and feedback via E-Mail: info@ejana-maranius.net


Michaela Ejana is Certified Crystal Energy Healing Practitioner, Wolfgang Maranius is Author and Certified Teacher for Meditation and Mindfulness. We connect our individual doing to a heartful unity.