Ejana & Maranius

Living the wheel of nature (and more)

Let‘s experience the nature together, find clarity and our connection to the vital force … conscious, mindful, meditative, full of love and joy … body, mind and soul in harmony ... to accompany you - as an individual, as a group or team - through the whole year, or if you like, just for specific periods ...
... but "Ejana & Maranius" is far more than that! Diving deep within the universal "FeMale" energy, we offer:
- Individual Vital Energy Work
- Vital and Ritual Clearing of Homes, Offices and other places
- Ritual Work & Walks to power spots (actually) in Austria, Greece, Southwest-England and Ireland
- "Into Unity" - with the help of the Five Elements: Meditations and more (for Individuals AND Couples)
- Living in harmony with the lunar phases (organzied as Online-sessions)
- Retreats and Seminars in Austria, Corfu (and everywhere else you ask us for, or rather you invite us to)
For more information please contact us via E-Mail: info@ejana-maranius.net or Phone: +43 699 1 920 15 88 and/or follow us on Facebook (@ejanamaranius), Instagram (@ejanamaranius) and Telegram (t.me/+BDW9KKuwc71kNjc8)
Michaela Ejana Lugmayr - Cert. Vital & Crystal Energy Worker, Cert. Herbalist, Ritual Teacher, Ambassador for Inner Peace
Wolfgang Maranius Lugmayr - Cert. Teacher for Meditation & Mindfulness, Cert. Vital Energy Worker, Ambassador for Inner Peace
Together we ARE Ejana & Maranius!

- EXPERIENCE the YESSS!-Moments in life
- RECOGNIZE the chances of the present moment
- ADJUST your personal flow of life with the wheel and rhythm of nature
- and FOLLOW your inner stimuli, your intuition ... full of confidence and courage on an unprecedented scale!


Let's experince the (wheel of) nature together, with Meditation, Mindfulness practices and Rituals!

Our HEART- & POWER SPOT JOURNEY which will take place from September 24 - 30, 2022 on the dragon island Corfu of Greece in the Ionian Sea ... a place that has become home to our hearts and souls and that we have got to know intensively during many stays ... and we would like to invite YOU to accompany us!




For more Information please click on the picture (you will be forwarded to our FB-Eventpage), Questions (and more information, if you are not in Facebook) & Registration: info@ejana-maranius.net, +43 699 1 920 15 88